"Eden Essence is an ode to the Garden of Eden. A sacred place of holistic healing, nurturing and reawakening. A place bursting with life where all is beautiful, vibrant and natural, just the way Mother Nature intended. A place abundant in earthly pleasures in celebration of life and all its wonders. A place where dreams are cultivated and manifested into reality. A place where the gods and goddesses reside to whom we can call upon, guiding us in the direction of the highest good for all life everywhere."




Created to enrich the mind, body and soul, our perfumes combine the arts of traditional French perfumery and aromatherapy to harness the true essence of plants and their mystical powers. Inspired by ancient wisdom and traditions, our life enhancing blends have been designed to connect you with the divine energies and help put you in alignment with your highest self.




Our fragrances are named after ancient gods and goddesses representing masculine and feminine energy.  The ingredients selected for each perfume are designed to evoke the energy of the god or goddess after which they are named and the chakra over which they reside so you can tap into different energies as you feel. We consider all our fragrances to be gender neutral as we all have masculine and feminine energy. 




Working with 100% naturally derived ingredients, we create fragrances that are free from synthetics, vegan and cruelty-free. Our plant-based perfumes are blended in certified organic fractionated coconut oil to protect their natural composition and aromatherapeutic benefits. Surpassing all industry standards of clean, our fragrances are handcrafted with highest quality aromatherapeutic grade essential oils, absolutes and extracts. These real botanical materials go far beyond simply non-toxic, bringing the vibrancy and wild beauty of nature to each of our perfumes. 




We believe in truth and radical transparency, which is why we think you deserve to know exactly what you're putting on your skin. Natural fragrance materials are exponentially more expensive than synthetics, harder to obtain, and more difficult to work with which is why most commercial perfume houses use synthetics. We have nothing to hide so you'll always find the full list of ingredients disclosed for each of our perfumes. Unlike most commercial perfumes, the notes we list are actually in the bottle with all their organic imperfections and earthly beauty intact.




We care for our Mother Earth which is why building a brand that is sustainable is one of our core values. Our ingredients are sustainably-harvested and we refuse to use any ingredients where their consumption would threaten or harm our natural environment. Our packaging has been selected with the intention of minimising plastics and non-recyclable materials.





May you feel empowered to lead your best life, supported in creating your dreams and peace in the nature of being.


With love,